Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sarah + Dennis

I wrote last about how I loved shooting in the fall.

And I do. But I learned last week - after working with Sarah and Dennis in Central Park - how much I love those fall images in black & white.

The trees were at their peak, the color was stunning, but every image I toned in black and white was thrilling.

Maybe it has more to do with the park. It's a classic setting for so many great old films. Maybe that's what I'm responding to.

So, Sarah and Dennis, you have two engagement sessions: one in blazing color and the other in black and white.

Very Wizard of Oz.

I have to share one thing about this couple: they did great work at 8:00 a.m.

For reasons I've forgotten, we scheduled our session for first thing in the morning. I think it was so the park wouldn't be so crowded. Regardless, I was driving into the City long before dawn and worried about a couple being able to strike a romantic mood at such an early hour.

I shouldn't have worried at all. Turns out this couple is in love 24/7.

Thanks and I'll see you in June!