Friday, February 22, 2008

01.26.08 Rebecca + Michael

I was ready for this one.

It had been nearly two months since my last wedding and I was really, really excited to shoot again.

Along came Rebecca & Michael.

This one was special from the beginning. Michael and Rebecca own The Architects Club in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, and run catering for The Club at Morgan Hill near Easton, Pennsylvania.

Rebecca is the wedding planner at both facilities and Michael is the executive chef. We have worked weddings together many times and they have a reputation for being the very best in the Lehigh Valley.

This is a couple who spend their professional lives catering to the needs of wedding couples, now getting married themselves. The wedding planner plans her own wedding. The executive chef bakes his own wedding cake.

The new dimension for me was to document a larger aspect of the wedding, the planning process itself. I went with Rebecca to the florist and then the greenhouse of Phillipsburg High School where students were growing her wedding flowers from bulbs. At 8:00 a.m. on his wedding day, Michael and I were in the club kitchen putting final touches on the cake he and his wife would cut that night.

That was all new & interesting & fun but looking back at the images now, I remember mainly the warmth and joy on their wedding day. In that respect it was what every wedding should be about.


Hooper & Me, redux

Many have asked & I am pleased to report the dog photo show was a HUGE success!

Check out the YouTube video here:
Shelter Beautiful Video

Huge thanks to videographer Bill Crumlic for doing such a killer job with the video!

There must have been 400 people on opening night & it looks like we'll raise more than $3,000 thanks to the efforts of my fellow photographers and volunteers who pulled it off. Contributing photographers, Alison Conklin, Ryan Hulvat & April Pilz all came out to hang opening night.

Thanks for all the moral support from those of you too far away to visit. If you're in Bethlehem be sure to catch the show at Popmart before it ends February 29.


p.s. Hooper is still looking for a home & this project, for me, won't be a complete success until he is out of the shelter. So if you know anyone interested in a big, loving dog let me know!