Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Right Now

I'm looking at Daniel & Grace's images from our engagement session Sunday in Central Park.

This one is super.

I'll be shooting their wedding in Barbados in August. If Sunday's shoot is any indication, that will be a very good day.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Right Now

There's a tradition of couples exchanging gifts the morning of their wedding.

I'm working with Scott & Claire Catherine's wedding now & found these pictures of Claire Catherine getting hers.

She was nearly breathless. Poor girl.

It was quite a lovely bracelet.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Char + Richard 05.30.10

The most important thing to know about Richard & Char: They don’t do anything halfway.

Richard rented a billboard on I-95 in Philadelphia to announce their engagement to the world. When their honeymoon flight got bumped up, keeping them from attending a planned family brunch the day after the wedding, Richard bought life-sized cardboard cut-out photos of him & Char to attend in their absence.

There’s more.

Richard is Jewish and Char is Asian. So they had two ceremonies in one day. They had elaborate attire for each. There was an intimate Chinese ceremony in the morning and then a large Western wedding in the afternoon. Realizing most of their guests hadn’t seen them in their Chinese wedding clothing, Richard & Char changed back into those clothes for the cocktail hour. And then back into their Western clothing for the reception.

You get the idea. These are true wedding over-achievers. Which is the best kind of all.

You’ll see that I had a lot to work with.

It was great to work at the Ritz Carlton in Philadelphia & I'm always happy to have the help of Joe Craig second shooting. Special props to Kate Duffy: car-driving, strobe-holding, stand-hauling, photo-boothing extraordinaire.

Richard & Char: You feel like old friends. I like you both a lot. Thanks for your encouragement & Philadelphia foodie advice.

And if I ever need help getting from point A to point B in Philly, I know who to call. ;)


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Alicia + Remberto 05.29.10

Note to self: When you’re in charge of driving the bride to her wedding, don’t lose your car keys.

I learn new things all the time.

The amazing thing was how calm Alicia was about it. She was the Queen of Cool. Her groom, family and friends were all waiting for her and her ride – me – couldn’t find his car keys.

Mustafah Abdulaziz helped me photograph Alicia & Remberto’s wedding and it was a great chance to return to Alicia’s family home in Bucks County. I had taken their engagement photos there in March. You may recognize the barn wall.

Remberto’s cousin from Mexico made Alicia’s dress by hand for her. I’ve never seen one finer.

Thanks to you both.


p.s. The Mariachi band was an excellent touch.

Debbie + Frank 05.15.10

Debbie and Frank wanted their wedding to be about their family and friends as much anything else.

They surrounded themselves with the people most important to them, including Frank’s children. The entire day was warm and loving and fun and I was happy to be there.

Props to Joe Craig for his help second shooting.