Thursday, July 29, 2010

Scott + Claire Catherine 061210

You will remember Claire Catherine: She's the bride with the lovely bracelet a few blogs ago.

There was much more to that day.

Scott and Claire Catherine married at the Glasbern, a pretty country inn near Allentown. I shot one of my first weddings there & I was happy to go back.

I got an email from Claire Catherine this morning & she was thrilled with the pictures.

Me too.

But then again photographing a loving couple in a beautiful wedding is not such a tough job.


Monday, July 5, 2010

Carolyn + Greg 06.05.10

The morning of Greg and Carolyn’s wedding I updated my Facebook status.

“Today’s wedding: there has been laughter, joy and tears. And we’re still at the salon.”

That was pretty much the way the day went. Big families. Many children. Much love.

Weddings just don’t get any better.

Props to second shooter Mustafah Abdulaziz who threw down a little of his magic on this one.