Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Maya + Tarkan 07.12.09

Maya was a bridesmaid in the very first wedding I ever photographed.

It was the marriage of Abigail & Doug Woodward on September 25, 2004 and Maya, to say the least, made an impression on me.

Nothing could please me more than to photograph Maya’s own marriage to her amazing groom Tarkan beneath the Brooklyn Bridge a few weeks ago.

Tarkan is awesome. I dare anyone to spend five minutes with the man and not like him. Tarkan is as fun and spontaneous as his bride.

All this to say I felt very close to this couple. I was moved – tears literally coming to my eyes – while photographing Maya in her veil and dress just before she walked down the aisle. She was beautiful – absolutely gorgeous – but it had more to do with how strongly I felt about Maya and Tarkan and the bond they share and the commitment they were about to make.

I was thrilled for them.

And there’s more: This wedding for me was so much about life coming full circle. Doug and Abigail were there, of course, and they brought with them their beautiful young son Leo. Five years seemed like a blink of an eye since this couple was on the alter and then suddenly, here in front of me, was Leo. And I took a family photo of the three of them the day of Maya’s wedding.

I love it when it all goes ‘round.


p.s. I was very happy to have my friend Joe Craig shooting with me on this one. He has been so busy with his own wedding work that it doesn't happen as often as I would like. Thanks, Joe.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

06.27.09 Ed + Hannah

On her wedding day, Hannah was the embodiment of happiness.

She was bliss.

I have never seen a happier bride. The girl just smiled and laughed and giggled all day.

And for good reason: She was marrying Ed and beginning a new wonderful life with him and his two darling kids, Justine & Eddy.

Hannah and Ed were married at Muhlenberg Chapel in Allentown with a tented reception in the backyard of their home. There were kids everywhere. All the neighbors came. Ed & Hannah & Justine & Eddy were one big happy family.

It was all great fun. See for yourself.


Friday, July 10, 2009

06.21.09 Clayton + John

This was a first for me.

And, it turns out, that was okay: It was a first for them, too.

I was thrilled Clayton and John chose me to photograph their wedding. I walked into that meeting without a single picture of a same-sex wedding. But they picked me anyway and I appreciate that.

I have never been to - or photographed - a more moving, beautiful or loving wedding than theirs. Their supportive families and tight-knit friends made for the perfect wedding.

Thanks, Clayton and John. It was an absolute joy.


p.s. Oops! Forgot to thank Cesar Laure who second shot for me. Cesar, as usual, really came through for me.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

06.06.09 Sarah + Dennis

I have written before about how I love tented summer wedding receptions.

If you walk away, after dark, and turn around to look they glow in the night sky.

It’s warm and intimate and beautiful, just as a wedding should be.

Sarah & Dennis were married during an outdoor ceremony with a tented reception at the Weyhill Guest House in Saucon Valley, one of the most beautiful places in the Lehigh Valley.

It’s really wonderful when clients create these unbelievably beautiful weddings for me to photograph. Thanks, Sarah & Dennis.