Thursday, February 24, 2011

Right Now

Working on Jean & Dan's Sunday wedding. Crazy good everything.


To Hire A Wedding Photographer

You don't know what you don't know.

That's what's hard about hiring a wedding photographer. The magazines have it all wrong, by the way. The kinds of cameras I use and whether or not I've worked in your venue are completely irrelevant.

The advice I give couples goes like this:

1. You need to find a photographer who shoots in a style that you can imagine your wedding being shot in. We are all different. Don't hire me and ask me to shoot like someone else.

2. Find a photographer you can stand being around. I'm serious. Brides will spend more time on their wedding day with the photographer than they will the groom. I'm not saying you have to be drinking buddies later but make sure you like being around your photographer.

3. Don't judge a photographer's ability based solely on the website. Those are the best pictures that photographer has ever taken. Those weddings were shot at the most amazing venues with the most perfect weather. It gives you very little idea how that photographer performs every weekend.

The answer? You have to choose what you see of the photographer's work. Are you getting married May 30, 2011? Ask to see the wedding he (or she) shot closest to May 30 in 2010. Put yourself in the drivers seat. You choose!

It will give you a much better idea of what that photographer is really like.

4. Finally, you should know that vendors pay to be on the “preferred vendor” lists offered by some venues. Being on there has nothing to do with how good they are. They would strongly prefer you not know about the arrangement but I don’t think it’s in the bride & groom’s best interest to keep it a secret.